[EUW] looking for a mid for clash t4

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2021.10.17 17:09 sonofstoney00 [EUW] looking for a mid for clash t4

looking for someone to play mid
pls no toxic and use discord
add me on league if interested: sono00
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2021.10.17 17:09 althabet99 an idea for the new warden blocks that can infect surrounding blocks

you can make a lab with a zombie spawner in it, with one of these "warden blocks" which is what I like to call them in the center, with a dispenser with harming arrows, that way you can watch how the "warden blocks" infect the area (and hopefully not your entire lab).
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2021.10.17 17:09 terrence_oni [Central Sweden] Saw several feathers strewn across a birding platform. Looks like its been eaten. Any idea who the victim was?

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2021.10.17 17:09 NoobAck Hashirama cells & the war

So, imagine you're Kabuto and you know the Hasirama cells make people OP as f.
Then imagine you have the body of Hashirama as well as all the other OP as f people.
Now, tell me your first move wouldn't be to immediately distribute Hashirsma cells to ALL the most OP characters in the show you're reincarnating?
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2021.10.17 17:09 _meeep_meep what's the appeal of the fade vs straight up ghosting?

like decreasing frequency in response vs. just leaving someone on read & never answering someone again?
what's the appeal? especially the fade- it seems worse than the clean break?
especially if you've been talking for 4+ months? I just don't really understand either camp because unless i've only met them once or were just talking for like a week or something i always resolve the situation...
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2021.10.17 17:09 FrequencyRobo Should I quit my Job?

I feel like I am constantly dying inside at my cashier job. I'm a trans man, and I get constantly referred to as she because I'm pre-everything. I try not to let it get to me, but it really makes me cringe because of my social dysphoria. I don't like my job. I feel like I am not being mentally engaged and I hate having to be standing on my feet all day. I thought this job would be easy, but I get nervous just handing people change or carding people. Literally the only thing good about this job is the people, they are kind and understanding....but I feel like I am so tired of having extra long hours (11am to 8pm, or 8:30am to 5pm). I'm considering quitting because I hate how bored I am with this job, and I hate standing for long periods of time.
TLDR: I don't like standing and the long hours at my job. Plus I'm trans and constantly misgendered. I feel like quitting. Should I quit?
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2021.10.17 17:09 BotDefense overview for HeatherVaughn78

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2021.10.17 17:09 tigeryi Bloomberg: PBOC’s Yi Says China Can ‘Contain’ the Risk From Evergrande

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2021.10.17 17:09 kenperlinsnoise Ken Perlin's noise - DMG Kills [1xLSDj]

Working on a "new" LSDj tune, it's been a while. WFH for over 2 years completely ruined my habit of making tunes while commuting...
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2021.10.17 17:09 unimagistudio Water tank illusion (Beach edition 3/3)

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2021.10.17 17:09 stayrobble utahtreasurehunt Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.17 17:09 lisaiscrying (^O^)

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2021.10.17 17:09 Professional-Self829 I Made it Better

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2021.10.17 17:09 Shock_Present I'm thinking of collecting funko pops, where should I start

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2021.10.17 17:09 vip14384 Best tires

I live in the Pacific Northwest and this will be my first snow around here. Have a 2022 Hybrid Limited expected to be delivered mid-November.
I would rather not switch between winter and summer tires - so wondering if I should change the stocks to something like Michelin Cross climate 2 as soon as I get the car?
Also any experiences with Michelin Cross climate 2 is appreciated.
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2021.10.17 17:09 SmugPinkerton Keldrip

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2021.10.17 17:09 monaw20 Maintaining Friendships

I am finishing my year of my PhD this fall and something I feel like has been the hardest isn’t data collection, new techniques, understanding literature, but maintaining old friendships. Does anyone have any advice? Sometimes it feels like everyone is moving on with their life without me and it hurts.
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2021.10.17 17:09 Sashimi__Sensei That moment when you realise that just because you’re British and speak English doesn’t mean you know how to teach it.

It was my first day ever teaching English in Japan and I got really nervous playing a warm-up game of Hangman and accidentally left off a letter in the word “cookie”, so none of the kids could guess the word and I got really frustrated, then realised I’d fucked up and had spelt the word “cooie” but realised I was in waaaay too deep to admit that I did’t know what I was doing so I pretended that a Cooie was a type of small rodent in the UK, much like a squirrel, then panicked as the Japanese co-teacher tried to look it up in a dictionary, forcing me to say that it’s more of a colloquial name so it might not be in that particular dictionary and then I ended up teaching in that school for FIVE YEARS and I had to pretend all that time that Cooies are a real thing.
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2021.10.17 17:09 InnerDemom Future me

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2021.10.17 17:09 Silent-Assumption-82 Still got spots on the lovejoy chat $5 come get it asap stopping at 45

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2021.10.17 17:09 Echuserangmaganda The Key to Winning DRUK Girl Group Challenge is Nice Bobbies

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2021.10.17 17:09 Steffanymontoya Why are you taking off my socks? 🙄

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2021.10.17 17:09 OcortHALeT LF: Apriball HA Bounsweet, Petilil, and Vanillite FT: Aprimon

Looking for Bounsweet, Petilil, and Vanillite in any apriball with HA. In exchange, I can trade any aprimon off my list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UVl0OmAzAVCJz0K63vdj0gpBNHy0T1WjGpnypU041XE/edit?usp=sharing
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2021.10.17 17:09 Kenfucius1 any benefit to having both a freedomfi 5g + regular miner in the same location?

will the freedomfi 5g oversaturate the hex for LoRA earnings? i guess only thing would be to look forward to earnings from providing 5g coverage?
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2021.10.17 17:09 catwaiigirl (na) anyone up for games? 💕

diamond and 18+ thanks
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