Intramuros to Cavite

2021.10.17 17:23 mxlibertyisland Intramuros to Cavite

Hi, tanong ko lang condition ngayon ng terminals sa Lawton or MOA and PITX. Hanggang anong oras merong mga bus or van pauwing Cavite sa Lawton,MOA or PITX. Mga bandang 9PM may mga bus or van pa ba?
Thank you in advance sa sasagot 😊
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2021.10.17 17:23 kelly_zor_el Pick a prime cart

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2021.10.17 17:23 internalocean Last-minute deal averts film-crew strike in Hollywood - Reuters

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2021.10.17 17:23 KayakingKalashnikov why do so many Texans still support the anti-2A company based out of San Antonio, Black Rifle Coffee?

Are people not educated about what organizations they donate their money to?
Or statements they've made in the past about civilian gun ownership?
Or have they never had an actually good cup of coffee?
It's just weird to see their logo on the back of trucks next to come and take it stickers.
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2021.10.17 17:23 centerwook Weekly Auto Jungle Update d50ish

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2021.10.17 17:23 profybet TOP 100 Sportsbooks

You can find the Rating of TOP 100 Sportsbooks here:
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2021.10.17 17:23 Eastern_North845 It's my first time taking something like this, I hope you like it

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2021.10.17 17:23 Wonivero No one can resist headpats (comic by me)

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2021.10.17 17:23 ohdinej My boyfriend is still friends with his ex…

Hi everybody, my boyfriend and his ex broke up when they were leaving high school (about 8 years ago). It is clear that they had a very intense relationship. She was his first love who then cheated on him; he forgave her and they enjoyed a relationship together. He told me they broke up because they drifted apart and that he was in love with her for much longer than she was — and now they are friends. It was difficult for me to accept that my boyfriend has kept his ex as a friend when she has done something that I consider one of the worst things to do in a relationship (cheating) but I overcame this. He often defends her by saying that they were just kids, which I try very hard to empathize with and trust, but I’ve had a lot of experiences that made me weary.
A few months ago, I had an experience where my boyfriend and I were out and a friend of mine began touching his thigh and his hand while talking. This breached my boundary and I had to leave. He later said that it was just platonic touching, which made me feel horrible but I eventually spoke to my friend and came around to the conclusion that people do just have different boundaries and that it was a misunderstanding. This made me very distrustful for a while; I would panic at the thought that my boyfriend would cross my boundaries unknowingly, but we communicated and I have since come in terms with the fact that the event was just a miscommunication.
Then a few days ago, I asked my boyfriend if he could archive his Google photos with his ex girlfriends. That way, he can have them if he is feeling nostalgic but I won’t have to see it when we are on the app together. This conversation led to the confession that he still has nudes of his exes on his phone from when they were together. This made me feel horrible and I asked him to delete them because a woman cannot consent to that. After this, I feel like I cannot trust my partner’s friendship with his ex at all. Knowing that until my suggestion, he still had her naked and intimate photos was too much for me. I told him if he wants to move forward with me, he shouldn’t talk to this specific ex again.
He told me that they don’t talk much, just a casual conversation a few times a year, which I was fine with but I’m not anymore. I really love him, but I feel very conflicted. I don’t want to be controlling, but I worry that I am being it. However I have this boundary that is necessary for me to know that we are moving forward. Can you give me advice? Am I being irrational? What should I do?
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2021.10.17 17:23 pgbros Look for advice to buy my first motorcycle.

Hi I'm completely new to bikes. I just got my license I would like to get a bike of my own.
Some info: I'm 264.0 lbs and I'm 6 ft tall. I was looking at some bikes like Yamaha R1, Yamaha FZ6N and Yamaha FZN1. My budget is just around 4k and those bikes are all under that price. Any advice will be helpful! Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.17 17:23 Robinnibor132 Pls help it says incompatible version but I am on the right version

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2021.10.17 17:23 0tt0man1661 My friend just got a oculus 2, but he can’t find Pavlov?

Yes, we both know he has to scroll to the bottom and find app lab but can’t find it :(
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2021.10.17 17:23 Justo31400 Was not expecting that

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2021.10.17 17:23 ShotLeg4287 Travel buddy

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2021.10.17 17:23 tyraesounds The Best Entry Level Studio Headphones (2022)

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2021.10.17 17:23 Zbearbear Just some Forza screenshots I forgot to Share Here

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2021.10.17 17:23 DeadWorldHeroes Um... Maybe a music fan once lived here?

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2021.10.17 17:23 AppropriateOffice535 Welcher von diesen drei Flash-Thompsons war dein Favorit?

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2021.10.17 17:23 Microwave_BlueBe4m Cursed_Buff cat

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2021.10.17 17:23 DistinctZero Want to sell these extras as a lot, DM me if interested.

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2021.10.17 17:23 Neoslayer What are some big words that automatically make you sound like a pretentious jerk?

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2021.10.17 17:23 Thosepassionfruits SOS I bought bone in short rib from Costco to braise today and I just realized that the short rib is thinly sliced.

Where can I find bone in short rib to braise? I don’t think I have any small stores or a butcher near me I can go to.
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2021.10.17 17:23 Hour-Guidance975 Grandma's house (pt 4)

(A/N: I am so sorry for the hiatus! Ive been having a lot of health issues lately. I will post when i can. I hope you all enjoy the last peice of Grandmothers house. The Sleepaway Camp Rules will be the next set in the series. Thank you for the love, and enjoy the read!)
This should be the last rule set I send you for a while. Uncle Phineas is the last member of Grandma's house that you must be wary of. I will not be contacting you again until you're getting ready to go to sleep away camp.
Mother is getting suspicious of me, since i requested that letter from her. Its best I lay low.
Moving on, Uncle phinny seems to have some qualms with Mr. Nobody. As the story goes; the original Mr. Nobody, who is long gone by now, was a kid Uncle Phineas used to bully. One day he brought him home to Grandmas house and locked him up on the 5th floor. Mr. Nobody never saw the world as a normal person again. When mother took in her first child, and moved her new family to her estate Mr. Nobody tagged along, hiding in fathers shadow. Ever since, the long line of Nobody's have been antagonizing Grandmas children to no end.
This is why that dasterdly creature becomes a friend in the walls of Grandma's house.
1) Uncle Phineas eats people
1a) there is no shortcut about it, he will take a chunk out of you if he's hungry Enough. Having tattoos is a really good deterrent. The ink sours the meat.
1b) that green plate at lunch is his. I know i said dont touch it already but its probably apparent now why
1c) Never hide in an empty frige around the house. They lock easy and you'll get trapped. Might as well have stuck a bow on your head and rang the dinnerbell for uncle hannibal and Cujo over there.
2) Uncle Phineas is Obsessive-Compulsive
2a) I mean this as in the personality type. He need things to be perfect of he will become very upset.
2b) do not rip anything. He hates the sound and is angered by the appearance of ripped material. Carry scissors and save yourself, lest he decides to rip you back.
2c) Grandma often makes casseroles. Cut your portions in perfect squares. Uncle Phineas will watch you closely as you do just waiting for a mistake. He's a bit sadistic...i suggested you invest in a ruler.
2d) leave your shoes in the designated location or you will be attacked by Jordan.
2e) if you dyed your hair to offput Grampa. Make sure it is within Uncle Phineas' liking or he will cut it off. Colors he likes: red, purple, black, grey
3) Uncle Phineas is a ladies man
3a) the women he brings home cannot be helped. They have they're own rules of survival to follow. Iknow its hard but you cant interfere with his business. Look at it this way, would you rather them be his dinner or you?
3b) The screaming will stop. They will, i promise.
3c) if he asks you to help him, you have to. He will hand you an axe or a saw. Be kind and go for the leg first. Once its off she will pass out from pain and most likely bleed out quicker. Going for the head will upset Uncle. Im so so sorry if you have to do this
3d) if you see the same woman more than once, thats Esther. Uncle actually likes her. I think theyre dating. Yeah shes human...its...odd.
3e) If Mr.Nobody saves one of his lady friends from the butcher shop its time to avoid Uncle. He will be hungry
Now Here im going to break off a bit to give you the run down on Jordon. That fucker is hell in a handbasket and he is fucking terrifying. Having said that.
1) dont be afraid
1a) he can smell fear. Thats how he'll find you
1b) ever seen Stephen King's It? Jordan aswell as a taste for the properly scared. This isnt cause he feeds on fear or nothin, but adrenaline keeps you living longer under severe bodily trauma and he likes a chew toy that moves and squeaks.
2) Do not feed Jordon.
2a) he will follow you after that, leave the feeding to Uncle
2b) if you smell like his food it just makes him a bigger target
2c) if someone asks you to feed them find a way to decline:
- Grandma: politely decline and. give her money
- Grampa: politely decline and give him a lock of hair
- Uncle: say No assertively and run
3) Jordon is scared of Inky
3a) Inky is Grandmas old Cat she can rarely be seen outside of a red doored room. But when you find her treat her kindly she will help you
3b) Inky is a normal cat. If you find something abnormal about her, that thing is not Inky, and im sorry for your loss of limbs
4) Mr. Nobody can only do so much in regards to Jordon.
4a) Use his help as fast as possible. If the Dog has got your leg halfway down his throat by the time you think to reach out, there aint much that can be done.
4b) kill the lights. Dont forget to kill the lights
4c) if he cant save you he may prolong your suffering out of spite. This would be a lost investment for him
Our final section is a list of odd scenarios Mr. Nobody can and will help you out of provided there is no light.
1) you touched the green plate, but did not eat from it
2) you ripped something, and are not in the direct presence of Uncle
3) you left the wi dow open in the red doored room
4) you saw the thing on the 5th floor, but you did not go up there
5) you got locked in a fridge for the first time
6) you ate outside of meal times, from the kitchen fridge
7) you ran from uncle when asked to feed Jordon
8) you lost the old film roll from grampa
Mr.Nobody will request compensation if he helps outside of the given scenarios. If you accept know this means you are agreeing to break mothers house rules upon your return home. Be careful not to rack up 3 favors at a time from Nobody, that would get you killed and fed to Zeus. He is going to try and exploit your sufffering at Grandmas house. Know your limits little one.
If all goes well with Nobody and you fulfill your promises he will be a dear friend to you at mothers house. Dark tooms will be safe and he will stop trying to trick you. Its the best case scenario, trust me.
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2021.10.17 17:23 silentrocker Buddhist prayer wheels coming into the village of Samagaun, Annapurna Region, Nepal

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2021.10.17 17:23 AnthonyBok17 Fun & Unique PVE Stasis Warlock

Howdy! 🤠 First time poster here but I have a weird and fun one for you which is surprisingly effective in PVE. I haven’t tried it too much in endgame but it would be risky since it’s a CQB build. Welp, here it is.
Warlock Stasis Aspects - Frost Pulse, Glacial Harvest Fragments - Whisper of Refraction, Whisper of Fissures, Whisper of Chains, Whisper of Durance
Exotics - Vesper of Radius, Trinity Ghoul (Vesper procs Trinity)
Weapons Peace bond with headstone (for unstoppable champions and resist on stasis crystals)
Trinity ghouls (for overload and ad clear)
Hezen Vengeance or Threaded Needle
Stats 25 Mob. 30 Res. 100 Rec. 100 Dis. 25 Int. (100 with Font of Wisdom) 100 Str.
Mods Head - Hands on, Dynamo, Elemental Charge Arms - Champion mods, Font of Wisdom Chest - Heavy Handed (could be swapped with your choice of Charged with Light mod) Legs - Absolution, Radiant Light Class - Utility Kickstart x2, Elemental Shards
The play Near instant ability recharge and spam in close quarters play. (Fun for Festival of the Lost). Create stasis shards on freezing which you will do with your rifts. Vesper of Radius kills those frozen while procing your Trinity Ghoul. Stasis shards form from frozen targets which are now dead and give ability energy, and charged with light. Use charged with light for either heavy handed or whichever mod you wish. Rinse and repeat.
Future changes… I wanted to create a build without seasonal mods before slotting those in. You could definitely take advantage of all the stasis mods this season. If anyone has suggestions bringing this into higher content, feel free to mention me. I’ve never seen a build like this and I thought it be a fun and unique way to spice up your Spooky Season. I hope you enjoy!
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