What's a cover of a song that's better than the original?

2021.10.17 17:32 jjvolfan2 What's a cover of a song that's better than the original?

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2021.10.17 17:32 ImTheNewKid22783 Wow what a great meme, hope it loads

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2021.10.17 17:32 vortrev123 Hunting in Texas

Hi! I'm a military servicemember and new to Texas. I live in the Bexar County area and just finished my hunter's safety course and have my license. I am finding the hunting system kind of hard to navigate. Does anyone have any advice for a beginner hunter wanting to go deer hunting this season without breaking the bank on a lease?
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2021.10.17 17:32 Soniclikeschicken People who do this why

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2021.10.17 17:32 dprinbvnvbn $FCF - French Connection a token with real innovative utilities | Automated BNB$ reflections every 24hours| 1M mc | Long Term Hold | Doxxed Team | Perfect Audit Score OF 100% | Huge ecosystem with endless possibilities| The next 1 billion $ token!




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The main problem in world wide cryptocurrency adoption is it's non-friendly user applications. French Connection Finance is developing a payment processing application that would allow any credit card holder to use cryptocurrency as a payment method while using their credit card in the same way they do it everyday! (Encrypted and annonymous credit card payments on the internet!)( THE PAYPAL OF CRYPTO)


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FCF World Connect

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• 2% Marketing

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💭 Telegram: https://t.me/frenchconnection_bsc

🌐 WEBSITE: https://frenchconnection.finance/
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2021.10.17 17:32 girlwith2pups Help with NY IT-2104

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2021.10.17 17:32 conciousnessrising Germany Now Banning Unvaccinated from Buying Essential Food Items The German government has begun encouraging grocery stores to ban unvaccinated residents from buying essential food items.

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2021.10.17 17:32 Internal_Archer1213 so many messages i wish i could just delete - spotify playlist

genres: underground hip hop, dark trap, emo rap, aesthetic rap, vapor trap
artists: $uicideboy$, bones, lil peep, night lovell, pouya, ramirez, $not, shakewell, haarper
please check it out and follow if you like it, it would mean a lot to me! you can also check out my other playlists on my profile :)
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2021.10.17 17:32 AnCapWeeb Demi Lovato thinks the term 'aliens' is 'derogatory' to extraterrestrials

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2021.10.17 17:32 Gatechap Can others change your name?

So I’m thinking about all these stories being told over and over again through time and wondering if this collective storytelling can actually change a person’s Name? Can the collective perception of a person by effectively the world create a change in that person that may change their Name or nature?
For instance, Felurian. We know her reputation now. What would happen if for some reason, the entire world stopped thinking and considering her as a “sex goddess”, but instead as something else? A craftswoman for example (it doesn’t really matter what, just something different). Would that new collective perception of her have an effect on her Name?
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2021.10.17 17:32 Brave-Tourist-9729 I just did placers and I’m diamond 5 does that mean I’m the lowest in diamond or the highest

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2021.10.17 17:32 CatchQueen Venturing outside. It's a big deal for me...

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2021.10.17 17:32 notparistexas Don't know if we've got enough capacitors

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2021.10.17 17:32 kathydoodoodookathy How am I dealing with life at the moment

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2021.10.17 17:32 RobertGriffin3 Who are you all rooting for to get 1st/2nd in other groups?

Obviously C9 is gonna be an underdog to pretty much any 1st seed in QFs, but who are you looking for? T1 already locked as a possibility. Would you rather RNG or HLE be the 1 seed here? How about tomorrow?
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2021.10.17 17:32 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Newcastle United 1-0 Tottenham - CALLUM WILSON Goal (Full Replay)

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2021.10.17 17:32 Cosmic_danger_noodle Some cursed images for you (see if you can figure them out!)

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2021.10.17 17:32 Diligent_Corner1113 M1 MBA Ram overloaded from Safari

I just got a base model M1 and was using it last night on canva (graphic design website that’s not super heavy). I had maybe 5-6 tabs open, and I was getting errors on safari saying that my ram was overloaded so the page wouldn’t load…which was surprising as I’ve heard how powerful this machine is.
Should I upgrade to the 16gb or go pro? Obviously, will be considering what will be released at tomorrow’s event too!
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2021.10.17 17:32 eboyvi-si That explains the smell

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2021.10.17 17:32 djferidun oha😳

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2021.10.17 17:32 jefferson_1997 Hoping ♥️

Hi manager! I hope you're doing well. I am Jefferson siarot and I am 25 years old and collage student. I live in the Philippines and I am looking for a scholarship.
I have heard about axie from my friends and they introduced it to me so that I can help with the financial needs of my family. As of the moment my friend is helping me understand the game more and sometimes let me play.
I would make a great scholar because I can help build the guild stronger and help create a better more positive community. I can grind a minimum of 75-170 slp a day and am limitless. As you can see I am an avid gamer and I spend 10-12 hours grinding on COD or mobile legends. I would love to spend my time earning while playing instead.
You don't have to worry about anything because I am more than willing to play at any give conditions!
Hoping with patience, thank you so much!
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2021.10.17 17:32 cloudz_69 Dad, I'm cold...

Go stand in the corner Timmy, it's 90 degrees.
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2021.10.17 17:32 izDpnyde Dems fooling US again again?

We put them in power and now they shall destroy the human race. Wish I was disappointed but that doesn’t even start to express my feelings to this cowardly bunch. They would rather see the wiring flames and the ashes blown to a sudden end than to stand up to the gargantuan fossil fuel industry or practically anything or to anyone else. At best, they are SICK At worst a bunch of despicable liars, we have Discovered. Now even Bernie appears to fall in line with this putrid display of Cold hard cash!?! While the drama Queen is out hustling bucks from overseas donors! Remember, a definition of Free Speech is MONEY. And here Americans, we thought it was bribery. Never would have believed he’d abandon our future. It just saddens me all over. . .
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2021.10.17 17:32 Striking_Ranger_1313 Hello! is there anyone here who is applying to the US next year ? If yes pm me

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2021.10.17 17:32 lss_mobile_mod_03 Alpha मर्द !!!!

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