LPT: Eggs can be scrambled in the pan!

2021.10.17 18:47 halfsieapsie LPT: Eggs can be scrambled in the pan!

I hated making scrambled eggs because of extra dishes. So now I just melt the butter in the pan, break some eggs to it, add cream which I usually don't even measure, and scramble it all with a whisk while cooking on low heat. I've taught friends to do that too, and just like me they find it a much faster and easier way.
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2021.10.17 18:47 doerofthings123 Handles sand no prob

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2021.10.17 18:47 RandomRamen1 Work from home jobs for high school graduates?

So I’m 19 and graduated high school one year ago. My family is really low income so we can’t afford to put me on any car insurance nor can we buy me a car. I would need to save up enough to pay for insurance for at least three months so I have time to look for a job and get hired once I can afford my license and insurance.
What jobs are out there or ways I could try to make money without having to leave my home often/drive?? I know how to work most Microsoft programs, and I currently am taking one class a semester in college for business management (all online)?? Any ideas or advice would really help. Thank you
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2021.10.17 18:47 HzrdCorruption Crashing on the newest NVIDIA driver.

Hello everyone. I posted about this topic before but for the people who didn’t saw it and have the same issue. On the NVIDIA driver version 496.13 there seems to be issues with COD Cold war. I realize that not so many people have that problem.
But if your game crashes than roll back one version and it should work again.
I hope that I could help someone. :)
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2021.10.17 18:47 kenxocd Was anything ever announced after TI finals?

I'm not sure if I should make my hopes high
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2021.10.17 18:47 lbabinz [Amazon] Poke & Chill Remaster Vinyl is up for pre-order

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2021.10.17 18:47 TOMCBear Help

Any ideas to help boost fps on yuzu? Specs Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1060 6gb 32gb 3000mhz
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2021.10.17 18:47 Charlie_Grodin Cop Finds SD Card in Dept Locker Room Belonging to Officer Who Was Secretly Recording Child Undress

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2021.10.17 18:47 YannisAP What is your opinion on this subreddit?

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2021.10.17 18:47 post_azadi The IGP denied the notice. But like on the eve of 370, their denials don't match with the reality.

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2021.10.17 18:47 Die_Vertigo I want to see the stars again

It's been two months too long
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2021.10.17 18:47 babynerdmatt What do you think should this go in my collection or should I get rid of it

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2021.10.17 18:47 taladan If you are into gardening, this is an excellent resource for free compost/mulch.

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2021.10.17 18:47 Kivadiva420 My first ever post to receive a semi high amount of upvotes (2.5k) was taken down because..

Of inappropriate and threatening comments. It was a true crime sub and was up for most of the day. I was pretty excited had that many upvotes and comment. I didn’t even read many of the comments because there were a lot but I’m bummed/:
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2021.10.17 18:47 Iluvkrypto Oxguard security gives refund for fee if deadline is not met..

Only #0xGuard guarantees that you will receive our report by the deadline that has been set! And we stand by our guarantee - if we do not meet the deadline that was agreed upon, you will be refunded 100%! Visit : https://0xguard.com
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2021.10.17 18:47 Festughl Question about Precursor Golem spell copying ability

Would the ability of Precursor Golem work while in the graveyard? for example, if targeted with Refurbish while in the graveyard, would the spell be copied for each other golem in the graveyard?
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2021.10.17 18:47 nom-cubed [POSITIVE] for /u/burnourpants [buyer]

Sorry for the delay, I had unexpected travel... Thanks for your purchase and trust! :)
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2021.10.17 18:47 Chedda1Bedda BU BOB

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2021.10.17 18:47 TweetArchiveBot Gravel Institute RT from Gravel Institute: If Democrats nominate Joe Biden, he may win, and we'll have four years of weak, feckless Democratic leadership. And then, in four years, he'll be defeated by a Republican Party even more openly white nationalist. If you nominate an Obama redux, you'll ju...

Gravel Institute RT from Gravel Institute: If Democrats nominate Joe Biden, he may win, and we'll have four years of weak, feckless Democratic leadership. And then, in four years, he'll be defeated by a Republican Party even more openly white nationalist. If you nominate an Obama redux, you'll ju... submitted by TweetArchiveBot to TweetArchiver [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 18:47 ImTheOceanMan Wrote the first part of the opening for my new novel

Hey writers,
I'm here to (hopefully) receive some feedback on what I have so far for this opening. I've done a couple revisions of this section already and reached that point where I have trouble recognizing any possible improvements.
Also, just to clarify, I'm trying something new by introducing the world through the eyes of someone other than the protagonist (in fact, they don't even appear in this excerpt). Seems like a good way to get some natural worldbuilding going early on, as well as delve into the societal norms that the protagonist will find themselves beholden to.
Thanks to anyone that can help a fellow writer out!
P.S. Sorry for the slightly strange paragraph formatting/spacing. Not used to reddit formatting.
Dying rays of the summer sun streamed through the many windows along the hallway, unhampered by the wispy clouds floating lazily across a red-tinged, sapphire sky. Picturesque: that was the word that came to mind as Esmerelda stared out and up, standing back just enough that her vision remained free of the worst of the day’s end’s glare. Auspicious, too, was another word she found fitting—perhaps a symptom of her already merry mood. She had, after all, just this day received a parcel from her sister containing a riding crop, newly made and of Caesarean leather. Along with it had come a letter, congratulating her for having risen to maid prefect—in the Imperial Palace, no less. Of course, this promotion had happened months prior, but news travelled slow, and goods slower; still, she appreciated her sister’s encomium—though it only made sense to have received such praise in the first place given their now-differing status. As callous as it might sound to point out, what was a laundress when compared to maid prefect? Esmerelda was charged with a contingent maid-thralls and an entire stretch of the outer hallway in the palace’s West Wing. Her sister was grain for the millstone, so to speak; one laundress among many, with a pay befitting her unexceptional station to boot. In fact, it must have come at great expense to have purchased such a fine riding crop, not to mention the associated fees in ensuring its safe arrival.
Esmeredla smiled. She would be surprised if she didn’t find another letter in a few more weeks, one asking if she could put in a good word for her sister around the palace on the off chance there was a need for more human maids. It was unlikely, of course, that there would be, but it would raise her sister’s chances from none to a faint sliver. The gamble made sense in spite of the odds, with even the lowest of positions in the palace being widely sought after. Esmerelda quickly decided that she would consider doing so, if such a letter came, and returned to inspecting her surroundings.
To her right was the majority of the hallway, a thousand paces or more, which had taken a better part of the day to clean. Glossy marble filled her vision as her eyes traveled down the passage, the result of her twenty-three maid-thralls’ tireless work. Cleaning the floor was one of the many duties which were attended to each day, but Esmerleda found its state to be of particular import. Certainly, the curtains had to be cleaned and dusted and, yes, the smooth-stone walls and every fixture adorning them needed to look spotless and, of course, anything less than crystal-clear windows was unacceptable; but, in the end, a superbly-maintained floor was paramount to any and every hallway’s worth.
This kind of attention to detail was the reason, Esmerelda believed, that she had been chosen as a maid prefect in the first place, and she prided herself on never failing to accomplish her daily task in a timely manner. Pride which, as of late, had been tarnished by an unexpected hindrance: a new maid-thrall. If the creature had been well-worked and broken in already, there wouldn’t have been an issue, but she’d had the luck of receiving a fresh one. An elf of diminutive capability, with barely a grain-weight of understanding in how good work was meant to be done. The riding crop in her hands let out an audible creak as she twisted it violently, just the thought of the irksome little monster filling her with rage.
The sudden call cooled Esmerelda’s temper, replacing it with a head-splitting annoyance.
“What is it, Cecilia?”
Speaking of diminutive capabilities, here was the ever-oblivious catalyst of every problem Esmerelda had faced since her promotion—including this new maid-thrall.
“Enjoying the view, are we?”
“I was. Though, I would much more enjoy having finished our work. Normally, we would be done by n—”
“I know, I know. I’ve apologized, haven’t I? Had to talk to the procurator and promise it wouldn’t happen again.”
Esmerelda couldn’t help but let her brow twitch at that comment.
“We both had to promise it wouldn’t happen again. Your other little mishaps have been your own to answer for, but this time you dragged me into it.”
“And I’m so sorry I got your perfect record just a smidge dirty. But try looking at it on the bright side… now we’ll be here together even longer!”
A sigh escaped Esmerelda’s lips, a testament to the unfortunate accuracy of Cecilia’s statement. The fact that this crass brute was her sub-prefect had to be Esmerelda’s greatest dissatisfaction with her position. How she’d even become a sub-prefect was a mystery in and of itself, but there was no use in solving that enigma seeing as it was her job to keep the damnable woman in line regardless. Worst yet was that she claimed to be a strict Luminarian, meaning Esmerelda couldn’t help but be as affable as her will allowed her to be in the woman’s presence; Luminarians helped fellow Luminarians, this old rule being all the more important given the dying breed that their kind were.
“Just remember to control yourself next time. Nothing that keeps them from work the following day, and especially no maiming. Now we have her”—Esmerelda glanced toward the lone elf a ways away—“to deal with.”
“She’ll learn. They all do."
Cecilia gave her prefect a toothy grin, leading the other woman to harbor more than a little doubt that any of her words had gotten through.
“So…” Cecilia’s eyes flicked down to the riding crop. “I happened to notice you have a new toy.”
“A gift from my sister. A thoughtful one too; it reminds me of my youth. I’ve mentioned my childhood before, on my late father’s livery in Suedia, but I don’t think I’ve told you this story yet.” Esmereda’s stern expression softened as she reminisced. “Ah, life was far from easy back then. Hard labor, long days, my sister and I were worked to the bone—but it made me the woman I am today. Anyway, what little money we made was always invested back into the farm by Father. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Even now I feel for the man—to have retired as a cavalry officer, only to end up renting draft horses to even poorer farmers while barely scraping by. Still, we—”
“Yes, his life was sad and terrible and awful. Where does the riding crop come in?”
A frown was all Esmerelda spared her sub-prefect before continuing her story, albeit further ahead.
“I was getting to that. Well, one day, he came home with two surprises: a slave, and a riding crop. One of those winged-ones… yes, a harpy. You don’t see many around here, but they‘re popular in the eastern cities. The beast’s purpose should be clear enough, with all the work that always needed doing, but the crop was a present for my sister and I. My father knew that we simply adored horse racing—a big event in Suedia, it was—and we started to spend what newfound freedom we had pretending to race on the draft horses. Though, the thing about freedom”—her voice rose, allowing the nearby maid-thralls to clearly hear what came next—”is that it’s a fickle thing. Just a taste, and you feel owed it. Some are, others aren’t. But, what’s worse than craving undeserved freedom... is to take it from the deserving.
Cecilia’s irritation with Esmerelda’s monologue turned to excitement, a smile once again spreading across her face as she realized where her prefect’s story was headed.
“That feathered bitch didn’t understand something as simple as that. Every idiotic mistake she made was like a punishment for my sister and I instead, the two of us forced to do the work she was incapable of. And my poor father, bless his heart, just didn’t have the stomach to mete out the kind of lesson she so sorely needed. So I took matters into my own hands—or, more accurately, my riding crop. Now, every time she so much as tripped, there I was, ready and eager to deliver a strike or two.
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2021.10.17 18:47 damon30 Who'd LOSE in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?

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2021.10.17 18:47 badcoupe Goober mule happy to see me

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2021.10.17 18:47 burakahmet1999 is shogun swarm ended ?

i play ashikaga in 1.31.5, but i cant use my daimyo cores for threaten war. anyone tried this ?
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2021.10.17 18:47 RedditSoldier313 Noodlehands and Donuthound

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2021.10.17 18:47 LewyyM How to get the recipe of cure for headache?

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