[H]5TB Onedrive with Office365. Pro (Lifetime) [W]- $4 Paypa/BTC/

2021.10.17 18:47 Both-Passage-7466 [H]5TB Onedrive with Office365. Pro (Lifetime) [W]- $4 Paypa/BTC/

These accounts are brand new, fully personal and do not expires. Outlook mail is not included.
You can Buy: Shop link(Paypal/BTC)
Onedrive 5 TB Storage
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Online storage OneDrive 5TB
5TB (around 5000 GB), you can save:
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- Or around 10 Million photos and any file you want.
- Change your password on first login
- This is a one-time purchase and never expires. You will never need to pay or renew the license ever again.
Proof :
OneDrive 5TB : https://imgur.com/vOOON9h
Delivery time:1H-12H
Validity: Lifetime
Price: $3.99
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2021.10.17 18:47 GreenBoy9000 Gimme MomoJirou fics!

I'm mostly looking for badass Momo and badass Jirou fics, but anything with THIS SHIP as the focus will work! Just give me MomoJirou fics!
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2021.10.17 18:47 ohhello_o [WP] Santa Claus tosses his sack over one shoulder and rests his shotgun on the other. The presents are getting delivered, zombie apocalypse or no zombie apocalypse.

The girl in yellow eats from her hands hungrily, like a woodpecker beating against fierce pine, a type of hollow desperation slipping out from behind those beady eyes. Empty and void, like the rest of this desolate earth. But maybe she wasn’t the woodpecker. Maybe she was the fierce pine, chipped away like flimsy ash, gone into the wind the same way she had watched her parents burn and burn and burn.
It’s solemn here, in the quietness of her aching, beating heart. Not even that drums loudly. She can’t afford it to.
There’s a saying her mother used to say on nights like these, when you felt like the whole universe could swallow you whole, small and insignificant and lonely, when it feels like the whole world is falling, the best thing you can do is fall with it. But only for a little bit. Only until you can catch it.
Catch the world, she would scoff silently. With hands as small as hers? How does someone catch something that never ends? That goes on and on and on?
She knows better than to wish on falling stars, knows that it’s not so much the world falling as it is us falling, and the void — that never-ending, inevitable, revolving space — could never be small enough to hold with two hands.
Could never fall quietly.
Even still, she sees the frost biting fresh evergreens, watches sidewalks freeze over silently, feels the cold air kiss her skin eagerly, colouring her cheeks and nose the same rosy shade she used to watch bloom in her garden come springtime. Except there are no flowers here. And spring is a long time away.
She watches winter drag in slowly, bringing with it, empty streets, silent nights, and cold hearts.
She stares into the darkness for a long time, and when she finally blinks away her already frozen-over tears, there is only longing left in its wake.
The post-apocalyptic land rages on hungrily, ignorant to the dead carcasses rotting away slowly, sinking their teeth and bones into the cold, hard earth below. But as she watches the snow blanket the grown softly, she can’t help but wonder if dreams can still be found here, inside the footprints she leaves.
That maybe if she leaves enough — enough to leave behind a mark — Father Christmas will finally be able to find her.

Father Christmas is a lonely man.
He lives in winter — in the cold that doesn’t feel cold, in the snow that never numbs, in the storm that never ends.
Father Christmas has many things in this life, and has indeed lived many lives, watching young children grow into old, until they too, must pass on. In fact, he remembers every present he’s ever delivered and every person he’s ever delivered to.
Father Christmas is many things in this life, but a coward is not one of them.
So he tosses his heavy sack over his shoulder, rests his shotgun over the other, and starts trudging through the thick, thick snow.
The presents are getting delivered, zombie apocalypse or no zombie apocalypse.

Father Christmas sees the figure gleaming beneath the moon, white snowflakes glittering under the soft light, her shadow flickering like a candle lit in the dark.
He watches her silently. Sees the way her eyes remain alert, even as they want to close, and the way her fingers tap idly against her thigh, as if in rhythm to a long forgotten song.
She wants to remember, he thinks. Wants to remember what hope feels like.
There are things that Father Christmas knows, and maybe these things can’t be explained, not in the way science can, but he supposes it’s fitting. After all, Christmas can only be believed, not explained, and that’s what makes it so magical.
He contemplates revealing himself and giving a small piece of this to her. A part of him wants to speak, to remember with her, but the other more sensible part of him knows that he can’t.
Don’t be seen. The number one rule of all the Guardians.
And because Guardians still exist, even if the world doesn’t.
It’s the people who keep him and the others alive though. Without them, they’re nothing. Without them, they’re merely broken fragments of an overly-active imagination.
So Father Christmas doesn’t speak, not in words at least. Instead, he digs into his sack and pulls out a rosy red box. He leave it there, in the arches of the tracks she makes, the dots glittering above drawing tiny stars into the shiny wrapping paper below, a lone box waiting to be opened on this cold, empty, winter’s night.

She wakes to a fresh blanket of snow, warmth crawling from her toes all the way to the tip of her nose, and a small red box buried a few good feet away from her.
She gasps, the first sound she’s made in a long time, and rushes to the box, picking it up with shaking hands, holding onto it delicately.
She looks around widely before letting her eyes rest on the rose coloured box. She stares at it for a while, imagining what could possibly be inside. She knows whose left this for her, even though she’s not sure she would have believed it come yesterday. There’s much in this world we don’t know about, her mother used to tell her. Is it so crazy to believe that maybe good things can be unknown too?
Maybe her mother was right. Maybe this was a good thing, and maybe it’s okay to admit that she doesn’t know everything. That maybe it’s in the nothing that we find something. That everything comes from the most unexpected of places.
Finally, with shaking hands, she tears off the wrapping paper slowly, not at all fast. She takes her time with this, both afraid and excited, and for the first time in a long time, it feels like Christmas morning again.
When her fingers tear the last of the wrapping paper and finally grasp the black box sitting beneath, she still tugs as gently as she did before, enamoured with how easily the lid slips off.
She peers inside the box and stifles a gasp. Tears start to gather at the corners of her eyes.
Because there, sitting in all of its glory, is a small globe. Its blues and greens mesh together beautifully, as if they were woven together, made for each other; gleaming and sparkling and glowing.
She picks it up gently, letting the box slip out of her fingers and fall into the soft snow down below.
She holds the word with her two small hands.
She holds on and on and on.
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2021.10.17 18:47 TTwelveUnits 'if you cant explain it simply you don't understand it well enough' is BS

Explaining something simply so someone can understand it is a teacher's job, teaching about something and actually doing it is two different things.
You can probably do both but teaching is a skill on its own and not being good at teaching doesn't mean someone doesn't know their stuff and can't do their job effectively, unless their job is to teach others as well.
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2021.10.17 18:47 hellmemes8 Cool video i found of a Shipyard worker talking about his time building ships on the clyde scotland

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2021.10.17 18:47 emadbably Articles Exercise

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2021.10.17 18:47 Limit97 What An Evil Liar

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2021.10.17 18:47 Cturne_Fiend I lost my smt sj ds save. help

I was at the beginning of the f sector and i was doing the law rotue. Bruh
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2021.10.17 18:47 Comfortable_Table_79 Any CA’s / accounting firms here, please PM me.!

Thank you!
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2021.10.17 18:47 Cultural-Assumption4 [Repost][Academic] What Can We Perceive Through Voices? (18+)

Hello everyone!
The University of North Texas Department of Linguistics is seeking participants who are 18 years or older to participate in a research study titled “What Can We Perceive Through Voices: An Exploration of Characteristics”. The purpose of this study is to understand certain characteristics that may be perceived in an individual’s voice.
This study consists of an online survey, and participation takes approximately 10-15 minutes. In the survey you will be asked to listen to audio clips of speakers in a variety of scenarios and to rate the speakers based on certain characteristics. The audio clips may only be played once so we suggest using headphones and/or moving to a quiet area. Participation is confidential.
It’s important to remember that participation is voluntary. There is no compensation for participation. For more information about this study please contact the research team by email at [GennieBalanon@my.unt.edu](mailto:GennieBalanon@my.unt.edu). If you are interested in participating in this study, the link for the survey is included below.
Survey Link: https://unt.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6fAPr98AfJFFrtI
Thank you for your time and participation!
Gennie Balanon, Graduate Investigator
Dr. Patricia Cukor-Avila, Supervising Advisor, Principal Investigator
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2021.10.17 18:47 ThEhIsO8730 Elaine, dance?

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2021.10.17 18:47 Immediate_Question99 ⚛️ MINIEOS_COIN ⚛️ Stealth Launch ⚛️ Listed On PancakeSwap ⚛️ Liquidity locked ⚛️


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🌍 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
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🌍 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.17 18:47 SUSPECT_XX DeathRow Deer Isle/Chernarus

( PC only ) Looking for a good server that isn't official or official amounts of loot? Well, these servers have boosted loot, but not too much, and are modded. These mods are: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QKiMK3cjFhClkQSxmEz5JtxieiJWQN7MEHlC-0gHGoo/edit?usp=sharing We have two servers, a Deer Isle and a Chernarus server both of which are well staffed and played on. If anything here interests you, make sure to stop by! _ 🪖Chernarus: DeathRowDedi|Drug|BM|C4|Raid|Diesel|Heli|500k|KOTH|Mission|Rad
🦌Deer Isle: DeathRowDeer|Heli|Boat|RaidC4|Airdrops|500k|
📰Discord: https://discord.gg/XyWRySRarz
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2021.10.17 18:47 euquiq Que es mas seguro? apto o casa ?

En los últimos cinco años robaron...
View Poll
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2021.10.17 18:47 88throwaway44 With a mask

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2021.10.17 18:47 dukebubs how do I care for this fish tail palm?

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2021.10.17 18:47 International-Dog104 customers are funny

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2021.10.17 18:47 Gate_Choice 🎃 SpookyShiba | Spooky season has arrived! Perfect timing, as SpookyShiba loves spooking holders with 7% auto $SHIB rewards! | Stealth launch today | Decent project |

This is the reminder for everyone who missed it. "Magic is really very simple, all you've got to do is want something and then let yourself have it." - This is a nice quote from the movie "Halloweentown" and it describes what we all want in this Crypto world. We all want to be a part of a moonshots as much as possible. We all want to ape into some coin early enough to experience adrenaline rushing through our veins when we see that green walls building every minute and our profit shooting to the moon. We all want it cause we've all tasted it before and we want it more.
Well, I think this could be yours and mine chance to experience that once again. Legit Developer, trustworthy (I've seen his work before) , He is following the recent Shiba hype and combining with upcoming "spooky" season in order to create a legit moonshot.
Website is up, you can check it. Twitter account also, gonna need it for reaching out to top Twitter influencers. TG is building organically, he even hired me to write this post. He got all covered.
Here are some technical stuff about this project:
7% $SHIB rewards - Be sure to add the $SHIB contract address to your wallet!
Anti-whale and anti-snipe - Simply, Fck whales and fck snipers!
*Marketing Plans:
Twitter Promos (e.g., Fabri, Maestro, Bitcoinbro, London)
All-day CMS trending
TG Pinned (e.g., BigPoppa Gems, Vehxy, Aden, Shilly Wonka)
All-day TG raiding
Community Giveaways + Shilling Contests
Contract: 0xbd03d616050db66cc790cc14fb2b2495b86c7229
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xbd03d616050db66cc790cc14fb2b2495b86c7229
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x3dC500B1dD88213B984E40F1e3F3970A32b6235E
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbd03d616050db66cc790cc14fb2b2495b86c7229#readContract
We’ll Have a Spooky Good Time 🎃
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2021.10.17 18:47 podge_hodge Any idea what got me? No pain just dry skin and red bumps

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2021.10.17 18:47 iNK0GNiiT0 Benjamin Clementine Cover of Condolence.. but you're outside in a park in the sun 🍊

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2021.10.17 18:47 UpDownLeftRightGay Any keyboard similar to the Keychron K8?

I love the keyboard, but the fact that the usb slot is on the right side of the keyboard has become a bit of a deal breaker for me which is a shame.
So a TKL/ISO-UK/RGB mechanical keyboard is what I'm looking for really.
Thanks for any information.
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2021.10.17 18:47 Professional-Retard9 Gotta love the beautiful lyrics

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2021.10.17 18:47 Dreampiper_8P (Saviour) : Where can I find this Manhwa?

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2021.10.17 18:47 fullyadam Co-miracles for tonight's Chase night 2

Hey all! I have 2 seats upper Page side I can't use. They're physical TM tickets, so if you can pick them up at my place near Phisherman's Wharf, they're yours 😉. PM me.
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2021.10.17 18:47 bexantus Blue Jazz Instrumental Romantic Music

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