Fun Basketball Drills For Kids - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (Dribble Game)

2021.09.22 06:49 pwap_official Fun Basketball Drills For Kids - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (Dribble Game)

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2021.09.22 06:49 R10E [r/MrReddit] Well deserved shout out to Mr Reddit

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2021.09.22 06:49 GTT_43 Is going to be a long night to fill up all the space... this is what I got so far... procreate on iPad

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2021.09.22 06:49 Royal_Leadership6999 Anyone knows why?

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2021.09.22 06:49 Mundane_Rule_7162 Scorched Earth wyverns stand stats

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2021.09.22 06:49 rdpGuy is it inevitable for your house to be somewhat messy in order to have a dog?

I鈥檓 taking care of my brother鈥檚 dog for a few days and it looks like so as the title. I might get better at organizing things with the dog but still I don鈥檛 think I can go back to the previous super neat, well organized, clean lifestyle. want to hear from experienced dog owners. thank you!
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2021.09.22 06:49 TheSovietSkye flamboyant tigers

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2021.09.22 06:49 BDawgJackson 馃ゥ

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2021.09.22 06:49 DepositYourUgliness Tomato soup with diced potatoes and weenies?

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2021.09.22 06:49 El-Discrepador Ya no seras caldo de res

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2021.09.22 06:49 ProfessionalAd6119 Best Gamecube HDMI solution

Trying to decide what adapter to buy for my gamecube. Between the Carby, RetroBit Prism and Eon GC HD which is best for just better picture quality.
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2021.09.22 06:49 smokinnnnn What could be the reason for such uneven prints?

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2021.09.22 06:49 _internet_police_ Dynasty: Drop Peyton Barber to pick up Jacques Patrick?

View Poll
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2021.09.22 06:49 Life-Incident1357 I need advice idk what to do

So basically long story short I am a sophomore in college and just turned 20. I grew up in a upper middle-class family and had a pretty good childhood with two loving parents. I鈥檝e worked at this local fast food restaurant for two years and I met this guy and we hit it off very quick. We click instantly our personalities get along together very well. But I found out that he has had a rough past,As it used to be addicted to drugs and has been to jail,bounces from city to city, homeless, has a daughter. He鈥檚 super cute to me. He鈥檚 25. He鈥檚 great and I鈥檝e Never met someone like that before because I鈥檝e never been exposed to it but our personalities get along together so well and hes just amazing. He鈥檚 very smart and super witty. But I also like this other guy that has been my best friend for years and he鈥檚 in love with me we get along but not on that kind of level. I鈥檓 starting to feel attracted to my guy best friend. He has a lot more going for him and he is in college as well and has a bright future. So I don鈥檛 know what I should do because I feel like being with the guy I know doesn鈥檛 have as much potential and a bad past I can鈥檛 be with him. I don鈥檛 understand why we get along so well I鈥檝e never felt this way for someone. What do I do? Do I go for my guy best friend or what
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2021.09.22 06:49 radek432 Za niekt贸re z tych rozm贸w to powinny by膰 Oscary

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2021.09.22 06:49 UdgeTime I don't understand why everyone seems so fascinated by those "gear reduction" videos

Those YouTube videos featuring a huge chain of gears that advertise "googol:1 ratio" or "the last gear will take 13.7 BILLION YEARS to complete one rotation!" etc.
I just don't understand the appeal at all. I'm baffled by the fact that people find it intriguing to watch energy get converted into pretty much nothing.
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2021.09.22 06:49 Akshat_K Totally useless

How do I do a Scandinavian flick perfectly with 1995 Subaru Impreza Class A in Dirt Rally 2.0? Can anyone make yt video?
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2021.09.22 06:49 Independent_Ear_1005 Crossplay

So me and my mate are try to play crossplay but we can't seen to figure it any tips to help
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2021.09.22 06:49 StephanieKay22 Abandoned Church in the Midwest [OC]

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2021.09.22 06:49 deanthedream23 Vancouver Unexpectedly

I didn鈥檛 need another cloudy day
the smell of the Pacific
or faint mountain views

I didn鈥檛 need to be locked up
at the airport Sheraton
with weak coffee
and mariner coloured sadness

I didn鈥檛 need to think of Gastown
glass condos or hipster beers

I didn鈥檛 need to be a stranger
in this city again
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2021.09.22 06:49 Thecoinscapture Crypto Influencer Aaron Arnold Believes These 5 Altcoins Could Explode Soon

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2021.09.22 06:49 FaisalTheDestroyer We should really charge our devices to 50% instead of 100%

The title explains itself, to make our phones last longer, charge them to 50%, as this is the most balanced state a battery is in, it's also why phone brands charge their phones to 50%, because it's better.
Now, before you guys lynch me, hear me out. some android phones, and also most iphones, have optimized charging, where the phone learns when you get up to use the phone, and adapts charging accordingly, if it learns that you get up at 8:30 to use your phone, it will charge until 80%. Then, an hour before you get up, it will charge your phone all the way. 100% and 0% are the most imbalanced states for your phone to be in, so why not make the battery last longer?
In conclusion: No need to charge your battery all the way, do what is best for your battery.
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2021.09.22 06:49 hughmanBing Bed stopped heating...

Any ideas why my bed would stop heating? Hot end seems to heat up fine (well it also seems to max out after going up for a while) but the bed wont raise above what I guess is room temp 26.
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2021.09.22 06:49 RLCD-Bot [Sky Blue Diestro] [Crimson Diestro: Two-Tone] [Fiber Optic I] [Crimson Discotheque]

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2021.09.22 06:49 SormMr7 About Mabel and Oscar...

I'm not really feeling their chemistry. I don't know if it's because of Aaron since he's still pretty new to acting, Oscar's characterization in contrast to Mabel's, or just the way their scenes have been written, but I don't feel any romantic tension in the slightest with them, yet the writers are pushing for it. I know Tim is dead, but Mabel and Tim had amazing chemistry during episode 2, and Tim was a very complex character, so going from him to Oscar just doesn't feel as strong. Of course, Tim and Mabel probably never had a thing for each other, but their chemistry was much better than what the Oscar and Mabel pairing has been giving.
Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I feel like the writers didn't build up their relationship enough. We had a car ride episode where they were catching up and 1 family dinner later and they're already kissing? They were thinking about each other for 10 years even though Oscar had been dating Zoe all the way up until the day she died/the day he was locked up? I just don't feel the chemistry nor can I get behind why this relationship exists to begin with. I mean when you think about it, even from a narrative standpoint, it doesn't make sense that Oscar's still pursuing Mabel even though he wants to move forward with his life while she's still dealing with the past. Nothing about this relationship seems to be benefiting anyone or anything, and they have much more of a strong sibling dynamic if you ask me.
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