Why the war on bitcoin has just begun; powers that be cannot let their monopoly be broken apart by free people trading without their rules and their control.

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2021.09.22 08:22 A_British_Villain Why the war on bitcoin has just begun; powers that be cannot let their monopoly be broken apart by free people trading without their rules and their control.

Fuck "talk to your representatives"
This new bill and the many which will follow is the type of corrupt government bullshit that bitcoin was invented to free us all from. Source: the Bitcoin whitepaper. ("Without going through a financial institution.")
While you're writing letters and bleating about this in your blog or on Facebook, the banks are sending these guys millions or BILLIONS to stop crypto dead in its tracks, because it is a clear and present danger to the current extortionate monetary system which lines their pockets.
The terms for Extortion are roughly the following conditions: goods of dubious value/ Sold at high prices/ Consumer is not given a choice to buy/ When the consumer baulks, violence is used to enforce the arrangement.
This description perfectly fits fiat currency. Bitcoin is the 'baulking' stage as we try to get out of the fractional lending charade.
No large scale monopoly has ever gone down without a fight.
USA has used force to defend the petro dollar plenty of times, they will do it again.
And when they have wiped out every other crypto do you think they'll radically change their mind and give $btc a free pass?
The war on drugs (Raegan era) was not fought to save black kids, but it began when they noticed the amount of money leaving the country in significant quantities. This is when the government really swings into action.
The rich old white men (govt) aren't going to attack the other rich old white men(banks), that would be literally attacking themselves. You'll call yourself a freedom fighter, they will call you a terrorist.
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2021.09.22 08:22 JimJonesSuckerPunch Ads above comments still autoplay even after autoplay is turned off in settings, causing music to be constantly paused.

Anyone else have this issue? Any tips to stop it?
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2021.09.22 08:22 Famous-Date5136 U don’t have to quit fapping to go to the gym

For those of you with actual addiction, this post isn’t for you. For those who were like me and are just lost and don’t know how to fix themselves listen up. I lurked on this community on and off for a couple years right up to my deepest point over the winter. But then i went to therapy and realized i was using no fap as an excuse. I wanted to quit porn and i didn’t want to do anything else untill i did that first. So i kept eating like shit, kept not going to the gym, kept sitting on my ass, but at least i was trying (and failing) to quit.
Fast forward a couple months. I started seeing a therapist and realized i have ADHD. I fap like we all do to get the dopamine but for my brain i need more than the average person so that’s why i could never stop. And if i had kept putting off the other aspects of my health i never would’ve gotten to them because I still haven’t stopped fapping to this day. Yet as of right now I am down 30 lbs from my biggest weight with a 275 bench and a 350 squat because i didn’t put it off. U don’t have to stop trying to quit masturbation. Just don’t put off the important things. GET AFTER IT!
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2021.09.22 08:22 servitefriars You're walking home at night and you see this thing chasing you what do you do

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2021.09.22 08:22 bobvancerefridge666 Evergrande: Crisis-hit firm strikes China debt deal

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2021.09.22 08:22 annonnymoooose For those of you who liked Valhalla, why? Help me understand what it is you see in this game.

The only thing I can appreciate is the Viking setting and beautiful environments. Other than that I have never been so god damn bored by a game in my entire life.
How could the developers of Origins and Black Flag fail so spectacularly?
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2021.09.22 08:22 _NiknAknO_ Who could it be?!

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2021.09.22 08:22 Vlad_k148 imagine having to 1v3 an auto-assassin to kill it.

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2021.09.22 08:22 Scared_Neat_7293 Metals News Dr.Michael Anderson im Interview

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2021.09.22 08:22 Crimbleshins My thoughts a day after finishing the game (spoilers of course)

So I finished Eastward last night and after spending the day thinking about it, I decided to post my thoughts here. First let me say I think this is a very good game, the music and sprite work is absolutely top notch and fantastic. The gameplay is fine, I had some annoyances and frustrations with it but it was never bad. I loved the characters, and the story, well, that's what I want to talk about the most, especially the ending.
I'm fine with some things being left vague or unexplained, like I don't need to know every detail about how the miasma was created, or even the entire deal with Solomon (though I do think it would be nice to know if they were three separate individuals or the same individual at different time periods, and what exactly his goals were). I do think that a few things regarding Ester City did need to be explained though, such as how Isabel actually got into it. I liked the mystery of the Groundhog Day time loop but I feel like it needed some work as well, like Sam probably should have asked William and Daniel what happened to them after the station. I'm also confused as to why Sam and John were aware that time was looping, but William and Daniel weren't. It can't be Sam's power, because when we see the time echoes from Isabel, she's also aware time is looping. I'm also a bit disappointed with how the loop resolved, especially since it seemed like everyone in town knew John. So I figured "Oh, we're playing this out of order, time is weird in Ester City so we've come in at a later part, and eventually we'll get to see what happened after the station and John getting to know people," but nope. It could just be time loop weirdness I guess, but it made me think there was something more.
I get that chapter 6 was purposely meant to be silly and wacky to contrast with the despair at the end of chapter 5, but I really think it drags down the game quite a bit. I don't hate it or anything, but it feels like it might have fit better if it came after Greenberg, where it could still fit the same function, but wouldn't feel so irritating because as the player, we want to feel like we're getting closer to our goal of finding Isabel and Alva, and playing around shooting movies doesn't do that.
I kind of wish it was a little better explained exactly what Sam was, was she a part of Mother or a clone, and what exactly did she do at the end to stop Mother?
I think what I'm most disappointed by is the loss of focus on Sam and John's relationship. At the beginning of the game when someone calls John Sam's dad, she says "He's not my dad!" but she obviously doesn't feel offended or mean it in a rude way, he's just the guy who found her, and they haven't known each other very long. I felt like throughout the game, their relationship was building and they were growing closer, and John actually was becoming a father to her, which is great! There aren't many games about single fathers, and them getting closer and having that relationship is great. Then, after chapter 5, it all kind of falls apart. The focus is now on "We have to find Isabel!" and we have the waste of time with the monkeys, and then once they reach Ester City the focus is on "We have to escape the time loop" and John and Sam's relationship isn't prevalent at all. It only comes back after finishing the Eternal Tower, and it feels less like John going after Sam because he thinks of her as a daughter, and more "Well of course John would go to save her, that's the kind of guy John is." Since even when Greenberg was being hit by the MIASMA, John wanted to go and save people, even though he barely knew them. So it kid of just doesn't feel special, or like a strong relationship when John goes to save Sam. It could have felt stronger if it wasn't for the fact that John is a silent protagonist; I sort of feel like this is where that trait really harms the story.
I was just kind of hoping for more moments like in the opening movie where we see John and Sam by a campfire and him holding her as she sleeps, where we could really feel John taking the role of a loving father protecting his kid.
Finally, I'm really not happy with the very last scene with John and Sam. This is another part where John being a silent protagonist really, really hurts it, I feel. And the devs actually could have made it be super meaningful here! All it would have taken is for John to just say Sam's name, that's it. It would show that John is so overcome by emotion, so overwhelmed, so happy to see her, that he finally speaks, he overcomes his stoic nature, it would have been really powerful. Even just him breaking down and hugging her, just showing some kind of emotion, would have made the scene come off as incredibly sweet and fulfilling. Instead it just...kind of feels like John doesn't even give a shit. It feels bad. I don't think it ruins the game, but if John had just reacted to Sam, somehow, I think I would have a much more positive feeling about the game overall and a better experience, rather than just feeling slightly disappointed.
Again, it's still a really good game, and I enjoyed my time with it, and I think that the developers can go on to create even better games and I look forward to that! But I just find myself wishing that it had been greater, and I wish I could say "I would absolutely recommend this to everyone" rather than feeling like it's difficult to recommend it to people I know.
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2021.09.22 08:22 jackrabbit102210 18M trade 6" pics for tits pics

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2021.09.22 08:22 Ampo1024 Trouble With Switch

I am new to C and messing with switch.
I am just trying to get it to execute all mathematical operations in the code (I don't want user to pick which case), just simply type two numbers and run the operations.
Well, every time I type a 0 (zero), it does not execute any operation. I am trying to get the code to take the 0 and of course in the division part, when the denominator is 0, I want it to list it as "undefined"
What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance! Here is the code:


int main(void)
double x, y, z;

printf("Let's Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Two Numbers! \\n"); printf("Enter 1st Number: \\n"); scanf\_s("%lf", &x); printf("Enter 2nd Number: \\n"); scanf\_s("%lf", &y); 

switch (x&&y) { 
case 1:
 z =x + y; printf("Addition is: %lf\\n", z); 
case 2:
 z = x - y; printf("Subtraction is: %lf\\n", z); 
case 3:
 z = x \* y; printf("Multiplication is: %lf\\n", z); 
case 4:
 z = x / y; printf("Division is: %lf\\n", z); } return 0; 
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2021.09.22 08:22 BestPricingEcom CRYPTO TRADE - 1 Inch

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2021.09.22 08:22 murrschwartz Does anyone know anything about if or when this might be available in Canada? Want it for my first rifle and I’ve been looking everywhere.

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2021.09.22 08:22 Bitter_Principality WMATA taking input on keeping White Flint vs "North Bethesda"

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2021.09.22 08:22 rackingupdays Searching for redditor's original artwork: Mick West "Debooooonked!!!"

I have tried searching this sub and the internet and can't find a redditor's original artwork featuring a caricature drawing of Mick West along with tongue-in-cheek commentary about his debunking methods that was posted here maybe 2 months ago. Can anyone provide a link in the comments?
I hope the Mods won't come down on me for this post. I really need a laugh, and to see this brilliant artwork again.
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2021.09.22 08:22 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 08:22 MindlessIron9 Oh what a difference a year makes. She was a cutie.

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2021.09.22 08:22 moko_choco When in doubt. Belly out.

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2021.09.22 08:22 Apollo_Rook Atleast she cute...?

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2021.09.22 08:22 svanapps r/dogecoin - Adios muchachos

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2021.09.22 08:22 bkun9 Christians Jailed after Hindus Attack Them for Visiting Widower - Morningstar News

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2021.09.22 08:22 IastIament LF A CRK REROLL

(the 8$ ones) giving both accounts 1. baal + mona NA ar 18 2, EULA asia ar 28
i'll give the link where you can buy
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2021.09.22 08:22 AndrewChen_TW Any plan to build a better Notion reminder?

We have ` a better comments` upgrade this week.
It's quite good
Is there any plan to have a better reminder for our Notion?
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2021.09.22 08:22 goth-deluxe Scott the Woz- DPH

Just thought of what if this showed up on my sub feed.
Imagining the thumbnail right now.
Would be so legendary
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