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2021.09.22 06:40 KarlYonedaStan Do the PWP want to abolish the monarchy?

[Prime Minister KarlYonedaStan appears before the camera, epic title slide ‘A Republican Cabinet??’ appears above]
Hello, I’m here to clarify whether some of my cabinet ministers are, in fact, supportive of the abolition of the monarchy, as Conservative MP and Shadow Minister for Industrial Affairs, Winston_Wilhelmus, and the Shadow Paymaster General, NeatSaucer so eloquently asserted during Prime Minister’s Questions. Such a revelation would truly be remarkable, as I always figured that shared support for Britain’s traditional institutions was something the Conservatives saw as a positive in my coalition partners. Were they secret Republicans all along? It’s time to do some sleuthing.
[KarlYonedaStan pops into First Secretary of State and PWP co-leader KalvinLokans office]
KarlYonedaStan: Mr. Kalvin? Do you have a moment? I was wondering if it is true that my entire cabinet supports the abolition of the monarchy?
KalvinLokan: Absolutely not, and I think a good number of my party members would hoist me by my keester should I say otherwise, the Progressive Workers’ Party, or specifically its initial incarnation the People’s Unity Party, was founded on the principle of supporting the monarchy and a great deal of members will not be supporting an effort to abolish it.
KarlYonedaStan: Hm, well it appears that Mr. Lokan is NOT a Republican. Who would’ve guessed? Maybe his co-leader and Home Secretary Model-Eddy will share the feelings Mr. Willhelmus accused him of having.
[Darting across the hall, KarlYonedaStan flies into Model-Eddy’s office, interrupting a meeting between him and his ministers]
KarlYonedaStan: Mr. Eddy! Is it true you want to get rid of Her Majesty the Queen???
Model-Eddy: Hey Karl great to see you! My thoughts on the monarchy? Well I don't exactly hide the fact I'm supportive of the Queen, and it's sort of what PWP have come to be known for! I will say that as someone on the left I am somewhat instinctively sceptical of hierarchy for the sake of it, however I recognise our constitutional monarchy is stable and adequate for the current political climate and a core feature of the United Kingdom's workings. The notion our government is republican is an irresponsible and ludicrous claim!
KarlYonedaStan boards a small railway through the corridor, to reach the office of SomeBritishDude26 the Transport Secretary]
KarlYonedaStan: SBD! You’ve been part of the PWP and its successors from the beginning - what do you think the Tories accusation that our cabinet is pro-abolition?
SomeBritishDude26: I would certainly say that is an attitude amongst some members of the Cabinet, but certainly not all, as you would expect in a broadly left-wing government. Personally, I am very much in favour of the monarchy, as my record shows.
[Before KarlYonedaStan can continue down the list of PWP ministers, he is stopped the Chief Secretary of the Treasury and new Solidarity member WineRedPsy]
WineRedPsy: I don’t care much for the monarchy, but why would we be spending any energy on that kinda symbolic issue instead of focusing on people’s real and multitudinous livelihoods, conditions, wishes, and needs? Leave that kinda prioritising to the opposition.
[KarlYonedaStan glances at the camera nervously and signals to stop rolling, to no avail]
KarlYonedaStan: I guess you’re right, I suppose it was pretty strange for the Tories to waste two questions of PMQs on the question as to whether this Government wants to abolish the monarchy. Out of all the really important questions that all of our constituents face, you would think that asking about Republican reforms of which we had given no indiciation would be towards the back of the list. One has to wonder if they are a bit out of touch, trying to find new ways to divide a Government that understands one another’s red lines, or simply do not have better questions to ask. Regardless, we probably should not give it that much mind.
Cameraman: This is going to be a terrible TikTok.
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2021.09.22 06:40 1400904 my gf LOVES this ring on the left and wants an engagement ring similar to it. is this good?? i know nothing

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2021.09.22 06:40 Majora101 [US-CT] (H) Ys VIII (CIB with map and cards), NSMBU, Yoshi Crafted, more (Switch), Pokemon Y, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Kingdom Hearts DDD, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 3,more (N64 Cart Only), Wii Games || [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Looking to sell the following items, pics upon request. Shipping included, bundles preferred and given priority. If you commented in a previous post and I didn't respond my bad, I've been having a busy few days
Switch: Ys VIII: CIB with map and cards 120
New Super Mario Bros U: 40
Yoshi Crafted World: 40
Hover: 25
Panzer Dragoon LRG Version: 40
Snack World: 23
Wargroove: 30
3DS Games:
Dead or Alive Dimensions (CIB): 40
Pokemon Y (CIB): 35
Kingdom Hearts DDD: 15
N64 (All loose, MK64 has manual)
Mario Golf: 35
Mario Kart 64: 40
Mario Party 3: 60
Super Mario 64: 25
Mario Tennis: 25
Yoshi Story: 30
Ocarina of Time: 35 (Gray Cart)
Wii Games:
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword: 30
Wii Party: 45
New Super Mario Bros Wii: 25
Mario Kart Wii: 30
Mario Party 8: 35
Super Smash Bros Brawl: 20
Wii Sports Resort (No Wii Motion): 25
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess: 15
Animal Crossing City Folk (No mic) : 25
Super Mario Galaxy: 15
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: 10
Wii Music: 5
Super Mario Galaxy 2: 30
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2021.09.22 06:40 RubyBoyYT Harris to baltimore !

I cant peer us keeping Anthony Harris after this season with the money we have locked up in Smith and Kendricks over the middle of the field. Baltimore has a hole at free safety that has appeared since we shopped‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­Harris after we tagged him. How likely is it we see him moved there and what do you think we could get for him?
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2021.09.22 06:40 Diet_Wraith This past year has kind of wrecked my ability to process my emotions, I feel so dumb.

I honestly do not know why I am writing this post but I really want to vent. I feel strange writing down my feelings on things, but it's been a long year.. This is kind of the cumulation of a lot of stress and a pointless trigger that has got me off balance and I could go way more in depth into this and all the reasoning but this is long enough already looking ahead. Throwaway account that I've always wanted to make, and I've removed as much personally identifying information because even if I removed names, it would be so easy to figure out who this was if you know me. And my close old friends follow my main so I don't want them to see this. Anyways...
I've been kind of tightly wound these past few months, and honestly this whole year. This past week has gotten me all kinds of emotions that I really don't know how to process at the moment and I feel like I really need to talk to someone about them. To preface this; usually I'm the guy people call to talk about their emotions.... In high school, friends would often call me randomly to talk about their emotions or girls or problems, etc etc. For some reason I was always the trustworthy guy that would offer you the most sincere advice I could, (because I do, honestly I try. I've figured out I am overly empathetic, or so people have told me this past year as they continued to rely on me for emotional support, especially during the pandemic this past year and half... And my family have been going through a lot emotionally so I am always the one they talk to as well and been “their rock” or so they've told me, and I've kept all of them as sane as they could. My mom has been especially stressed at work so I've been dancing around her trying not to set her off and comfort her for weeks now and every time she raises her voice (Which she does often as I know it's part of her speaking in general) my heart rate jumps up and I freak out even when its nothing. My dad doesn't understand that her work is so stressful so I've also literally had to act as a counselor for them a couple of times to let them understand each other. My mom literally almost said the word that starts with 'd' and rhymes with 'ivorce' one day at her worst mental breakdown and now they've worked it out and are better again. It's been a rollercoaster man because that came out of left field for me. Often my mom especially talks about work and since I've been living at home I just sit there talking the bulk of it and trying to comfort her and help her calm down and relax. My brother (before he found a job this year) stayed home and he got depressed from his inability to find a job and I had to deal with the blunt of that, he's fine and well off now thankfully, but just crazy times man. And my dog has high expectations of me to take care of him and hang out with him lol. The start of the pandemic had me dealing with my friends a lot too, but as we've gone on fortunately they've come out on top of it so they're all doing great right now. So even though most of 2020 and the first half of 2021 was a throwaway time for my school work in my first year of college which I did fine in good grades and all that jazz, I had a lot to deal with... I've only broke a few times around my parents because of stress (From dealing with them) and more often cried for a bit alone usually, which usually was how I processed that, or I'd type something up similar to this but never publish it or just run through something like this in my brain. Not often though did this happen as usually I put things off from my mind until I didn't feel them anymore and then a clock would start counting down to the next time I got too wound up... rinse repeat every time something got to me. That way I guess I didn't really have to deal with anything for more than maybe an hour at night before bed in my mind every once in awhile lol.
Anyhow, now that I have all that set up, let me go into what I really wanted to talk about that has got me so off balance this week. My feelings. As I said, I usually talk to myself and process things myself the way I help other people process them, I guess. When it gets bad I type it out in word and save the document and bury it never to see it again, but hey this one should be a bit different as I plan on posting this. Anyhow, I've figured out now that I'm going to school again (college), I honestly forgot how to manage myself; school work which has suddenly become three times as hard to manage and stay on top of than it was in high school (and I took all kinds of AP and advanced classes each year with extracurriculars and was able to manage that all fine then with good grades - still am getting good grades but just with substantially more effort), and emotionally too... Every minor thing that could go wrong gets my heart pumping, every thing that seems like it could be my fault gets me going and freaking out. And apparently worst of all I've discovered, girls. Yeah. This is going to sound so god damn stupid I don't blame if you laugh I don't care I just want to post this. I was part of the class of 2020, which was a yikes as we should all know by now. So I've been going to college for the past year now (I'm officially a second year now) and this is the first time I have legit in person classes beyond my one mini-performance group that I participated in my freshmen year which was my only loose human interaction in small groups of 6 I believe it was (which I said almost no words to anyone because we were all 10 feet apart so I didn't really make friends in that group nor the entire first school year. I knew basically no one.) This year I am in two groups of that performance-arts - which is completely unrelated to my major by the way, this is all because I enjoy doing it - one the same as last year which is no longer 6 people, but a full group and is more serious (still a bit spread apart which means I again have made zero friends in that group....) and I also joined a second even larger group that is more lax and fun. In that larger group, I like to think I have actual friends here now. Though I don't talk to them much outside of that group admittedly. But they are awesome people and it's a great environment. And guess what, we're only like 5 weeks into the semester and some of them literally call me their “psychiatrist” and that I should switch my major to psych because I talked a few of them through their problems when the mentioned them. Lol. During the first performance of the year one of these guys was talking to me about all the baggage and stress he was going through and I tried to help him out and he took some of that advice is really working on himself focusing on school work which he really needed to do, he was spreading himself to thin and I guess some others saw that and figured out they can talk to me lol. Anyhow, the group of friends in that large group I've been with is about 9 people, and I don't talk to all of them the same amount but we do hang out generally in the same circle but a few others go off with others in the large group. This past weekend, we had a trip that consisted of a performance day and a fun day for bonding out of town away from here. Again, leaving this as vague as I can. During that time we had some good bonding with each other on the fun day, did a lot together. I admittedly am kind of slow at building friendships because I am not the quickest conversationalist nor spontaneous which helps in building friendships early. But this weekend was nice, I genuinely like these people and want to hang out with them more. They're good people. They're always good people in this large performance groups wherever I have been.. These people are no exception and I really hope to continue building my friendships with them. But anyhow, the stupid stupid parts. I kinda forgot I can do this for real, but I definitely have developed a crush on this one girl in that group and she's unfortunately one of the ones I don't talk to all that much and as a bad conversationalist, its hard to to talk to her of course. But I feel so weird right now, like I feel like I just want to have have good friends right now because I currently have no real college friends yet yknow. Why did I have to, in the fifth week of being here in person, develop feelings for someone that I basically just met? Why the hell did I let myself do that. Now when I look at her I just get a bit off balance mentally and sometimes I fumble my words even when talking to others when she's there and then it's just a: hah. Diet_Wraith is being a bit quirky and is tired! Oh and I know this sounds stupid but I am not a person who just finds people attractive for being attractive physically like a lot of people/old high school friends I know.. because I want to know that people are good people and with this trip with all of us cutting lose I guess I just developed something yeah. I learned a lot about all of these people and her too from just talking then because it was fun and we all had a great time. She's pursuing a degree in her passion related to this performance group and she's really good at what she does and idk why but she is just so awesome to me from the little conversations we've had. Still hard for me to talk to all of them all the time though lol. And I've had butterflies in me, despite acting normalish, for a few days now. I don't know what's wrong, but like I I just feel weird and don't know what to do this is so weird. Like I can't even processes this, strangely. I don't know what to say to myself to sort this out.
Time to sound more like a looser, but I never dated anyone in high school, or ever. To my great regret now because I don't know what people do. I also don't consider myself very attractive – being a kind of overweight, not tall asian guy, but I know I had two people crush on me before which I didn't act on because I honestly was not ready for a relationship in high school, I knew that much, but now I'm wondering if not acting on one of those was a stupid decision because I am lost now. Oh and I am also kind of hilariously conflicted, because the last time I decided I and told myself I was going to ask someone out, a global pandemic started. Literally. The last day of senior year of high school I had in person, was fucking senior ditch day. I went to half of my classes because they were my fun classes, then ditched the afternoon meh classes. I hung out with my friends that day and after feeling good about myself I decided later that day that I would ask this one girl I liked then out to prom... and then bam pandemic started and haven't said a word to that girl or like 50% of the people I spoke to decently regularly that I wish I stayed in contact with. Oh well, moved on from that of course but just thought that was a funny tangent to put in here that I am one for one of liking girls enough to ask them out causing everything to shut down lol. Though I am fortunate that my close friends have more or less been sticking close together and chatting a lot, so I am not completely lost and alone so thank God. However I've never had a best friend, or anyone that I could talk to like people talk to me. I've never trusted someone that much for some strange reason that I could unload into them. And my closest to who I could call a best friend, I probably could, but I'd feel weird doing so just phoning him up and unloading because he's talked to me about similar things like this in the past... And it's just weird. I don't know what to do man. Anyhow, perhaps you can see my apprehension unease with myself about even letting myself like a girl. I don't know why the fuck I feel this way right now but I can't even right now. And I feel like I just generally don't have a chance out of the gate. And I don't want to do anything stupid, because I like these people. I want to be their friends. I will probably carry on like nothing has ever happened, well because nothing did happen. So yeah. Writing this post has made me feel stupid and embarrassed but I honestly just want to interact with someone regarding this, so reddit it is. I am tired of dealing with my problems alone I guess and at least letting some random people on the internet hear me makes me feel a bit better regardless of if you actually care or not lol. Not really a point to this, but yeah I guess I kind of forgot that I had actual emotions about things this past year while dealing with everything else and now I don't know what is even happening around me.
Anyhow, hope everything is well for the few people that read this. Thanks for sticking around and reading that wall of text. Holy shit that was a lot of writing. And I see a lot of grammatically errors and stuff which bugs the crap out of my but I am too lazy to fix it, and I also feel like I might've been a bit too cringey in there which could be fixed with more explaining but whatever. That's why this is a throwaway. It's late and it's time to sleep now.
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2021.09.22 06:40 chefbeezle Trying some new stuff while on the road this week in NV

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